Turning vision into Reality

GS Ateliers design {dɪˈzʌɪn/} & create {/kriːˈeɪt/} architecture, interiors, furniture and built.

When it comes to art, try to buy with your eyes, not ears

We’ve all tried very hard to ‘decorate’ art with our vision. But one common thing which we often forget is that an art is a reflection of your personality, and what’s going on in your head – not a reflection of colors of your sofa!

At GS Ateliers, we tailor and experience more than 35 years of experience to bring satisfactory results to you. Rated as the best architecture firm in south delhi, reach out to us today!

We Believe

People’s life is expressed in small things and little details which are hard to express, and we’ll employ our experience of 35 years to deliver the next magnificent to you!

Real Comfort, Visual and Physical

For us, a house is much more than a mere shelter, it defines our personality and lifts us spiritually and emotionally.

We create designs that just make your heart pound and are much more than just a sketch. Have a look at what all we do with just a click!

Architectural Design


Interior Design


Built Workshop


Our Testimonials

…displays complete professionalism and sticks to the high standards of construction and finishing… Rajiv Bhatia

Former Director General, Indian Council of World Affairs

…delivered ahead of schedule, and below original cost estimates… Dr. Deepak Vohra

Special Advisor to Prime Minister, Lesotho & Guinea-Bissau

…paid close attention to details and ensured that the quality of the renovation, and ‘finish’, gave us no cause for complaint… Amb. Debabrata Saha

IFS (retd.)

Our Works

Things are crafted with passion and at GS Ateliers, we do everything with it. Our body of experts pay attention to even small details of a project and build the high-quality end product.

Leading Design Studio.

We deliver end products which exceed client’s expectations and plan perfectly so as to deliver a project hassle-free and under your budget.