About Us

About Our Company
We do not just make things beautiful. We make them work great as well.
GS Ateliers is a unit of AS Constructions , carrying forward the 35+ years legacy of AS constructions, we are based out to deliver quality results to our customers. As a general architecture company, we offer a full range of custom design services that deliver a hassle-free experience in terms of design & build. Our company believes in developing a long-lasting relationship with our clients by gaining their trust through exceeding their expectations by delivering high-quality work to them. GS Ateliers is a highly reputable and leader in delivering an array of Design Build and Remodeling Services. We work closely with our customers through the design-build process to ensure a high level of success & satisfaction with the final outcome.
Behind the Scenes

AR. Gurdit Singh graduated from Aayojan School of Architecture in 2013 and is the heart n soul of GS ateliers. He carries a strong passion for designing and believes in breathing life into the dreams of his clients. Over the years he has hands-on experience in doing various projects. He believes that every minute detail should be taken care of to turn it into a masterpiece. At GS ateliers, being the Principal Architect, Gurdit Singh is the Captain of the ship looking at the wider picture ahead while keeping all the small aspects in mind. He knows how to exactly gather all the thoughts in mind, put them on paper and finally execute it into reality.

Smart planing of Work process

GS Ateliers is a trusted name you can count on for your expert construction planning assistance and timely project completion. We follow the simple set protocol to deliver the extraordinary to you!



An in-depth study of what’s required & how we can make it live at least expense.



Combining our research and expertise of almost 35 years, we build unique design.



This is where magic happens and we deliver more than what you expected!