Design is what you perceive

And we, at GS Ateliers, make sure to incorporate your feelings while building your vision.

Design That Suits The Way You Live

The design represents you and your personality, and we just make sure it aligns with your values and vision.


Together, we desire, conceive and create the next structure of the future

Consultancy/ Built to Suit

At times, all we got is the idea, but an idea is all that is required to make a change and we help you bring that change live

Interior Design/ Workspace Design

Something grand is always admired and we try to make things grander by including a touch of your inner soul

One Roof  Solutions For Anywhere

Customer Satisfaction

Customer success & satisfaction is all we desire when work on a project.

We are praised as Delhi’s most reliable choice for all types of general contracting services that include Commercial & Residential projects.

Elegance in Every Corner

Praise the beauty of space, with an elegant outlook which not only delivers a sense of satisfaction, but too, an ideology of ‘inner peace’.

Highly Minimalistic

We put effort only where things are required and take a 360-degree view of the scenario to deliver best results.

Minimalism is an art and we incorporate that art with respect when we do project work for you!